Fred Peters and Shlomi Reuveni on Joining Forces to Build a N.Y. Luxury Real Estate Powerhouse

Recently during a photoshoot at Pier59 studios at Chelsea Piers, we sat down with Fred Peters and Shlomi Reuveni to discuss the new partnership between two of New York’s most noted luxury real estate companies.

Coldwell Banker Global LuxuryLet’s start at the beginning. How long have you known each other?

Fred PetersShlomi and I have known each other for about five years. I don't even remember exactly how we met, I just remembered that we had a breakfast date. We ended up staying there for about an hour and a half and discovered that we were in sync and that fate had been waiting to get us together.

Shlomi ReuveniI’d known about Fred through the industry for a very long time. It was about five years ago when we went out to breakfast and it was pretty amazing. I would say that if it was a romantic date, I probably would have ended up marrying Fred!


Coldwell Banker Global LuxurySo why did you decide to partner together?

Fred PetersI decided to partner with Shlomi because he’s smarter than the other new development guys and because we share an ethic which is old fashioned in some ways but increasingly difficult to find in our business.

Shlomi ReuveniOriginally, it was for personal reasons. I liked him immediately when we met. I trusted him immediately. I felt we had a very strong connection in terms of who we are, how we see the world, how we see the city, how we see the industry and how we see the brokerage community. He has a stellar reputation.

Coldwell Banker Global LuxuryBeyond that what made you realize this would be a great partnership?

Shlomi ReuveniI’ve realized in the past two years that if I wanted to get to a different level of service for my clients or generate a different level of exposure for my projects, I’d need a different platform – a platform that should be local, national and international. The combination of Warburg plus Coldwell Banker was the perfect formula. The platform Coldwell Banker offers in terms of marketing, in terms of technology, in terms of access to major cities around the world – just surpasses anything that I know of. So for me, it was an easy decision at the end of the day.

Fred PetersEveryone in my company admires Shlomi. He’s got as good a reputation as it’s possible to have in this industry which is no small feat. The new development business is a very different business from the broker business. Being associated with a firm that does new development creates a different aura. This partnership will be enormously mutually beneficial because Shlomi will oversee the marketing of the properties in the first round as offered by the developer but then my people can come in and capture the resale business.

Coldwell Banker Global LuxuryYour businesses really complement each other, don’t they?

Shlomi ReuveniI think the formula of both boutique firms coming together with the Coldwell Banker platform throughout the country and internationally with their resources, their know how, their marketing and intelligence is unparalleled. In a way, this is like a start-up on huge, huge steroids. It’s a beautiful concept for sellers, for buyers and for new developers.

Fred PetersIn both our minds our relationship will be exponential rather than additional. We have the opportunity to leverage each other’s strengths and make sure that the whole is worth considerably more than the sum of the parts.

Shlomi ReuveniThat combination is very unique. It’s not just the services we provide but it’s the people at the top that lead. It really trickles all the way down in terms of what the company is all about, what the culture is all about and what we provide to the industry.

Fred PetersWhat I’d add is I’ve been doing this for such a long time, I thought I’d seen it all. But Shlomi is a repository of information I don’t have. He knows things I don’t know. That’s really exciting to me.

Shlomi ReuveniWe can sit here all day and complement each other. This is why I thought this would be a wonderful marriage. We have fun together and we both believe we have an unbeatable formula.


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