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What makes a house a home, and a home a sanctuary? I’ve been thinking about this as I’ve been on my own real estate journey recently.  The idea of sanctuary goes beyond aesthetics or personal style; it’s about finding and creating spaces that actively promote well-being. It’s about cultivating a sense of refuge from the stresses of the outside world. We all deserve to feel comforted and protected in our personal spaces.

This month, we delve into the transformative power of creating sanctuaries within our own homes. As the world continues to spin at a rapid pace, the need for spaces that nurture and soothe has never been greater.

In our interview with renowned interior designer Allison Babcock, we explore her philosophy on crafting havens of tranquility and how she draws inspiration from her coastal New York base. She shares her secrets of creating spa-like bathrooms, and reveals her what’s in and out for 2024.

Diving deeper into the idea of sanctuary, we embark on a visual journey through the Coldwell Banker Global Luxury world with two curated property features. These editorial narratives cut right to the heart of sanctuary, highlighting two of the most personal spaces in the home: the primary bedroom and the bath, which were explored in our Best of the Best guide. These enduring rooms, hand-picked by our editorial team, remind us that a well-designed bedroom or a calming spa bath can be the places where we can recharge, realign our energies and simply be our authentic selves.

And then there's an exclusive tour of a newly listed, endlessly chic compound in L.A.'s quiet Benedict Canyon listed by Jade Mills that perfectly embodies the idea of sanctuary.

If anyone understands the movement towards sanctuary in today’s luxury homes, it’s our Luxury Property Specialists.  Let them guide you on your journey towards finding your own personal sanctuary this year.


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