Magical Chianti Countryside Villa

Rising among a carpet of vineyards blanketing the undulating hills of Chianti, this breathtaking villa has everything Tuscan dreams are made of: a captivating 14th-century residence, vineyards that produce one of Italy’s best-known wines, olive groves, ancient Etruscan tombs and a distinguished lineage. It is considered one of the oldest Tuscan estates with a legendary provenance to match its age, beginning with the Gherardini family in the 14 century, then the Catellini and Castiglione in the 15th and 16th centuries, followed by the Pitti family. Then, in order of succession, the Ughi and Ghibellini (Dante, in the sixteenth song of Paradise, remembers Ghibellini as "one of the great and noble families," says listing agent Alessandro Tognetti of Coldwell Banker Forte dei Marmi. Then came the Muzzi and Pier Francesco of Guccio from Gucci from Florence. Centuries of ownership cast the entire Chianti region estate under a magical spell.

Set in the town of Barberino Val d'Elsa, on the border between the Province of Siena and Florence, the residential components encompass about 6,000 square meters, or a little more than 1.4 acres. The beauty of the estate is enriched by the presence of ancient Etruscan tombs, which make it unique and a 360-degree view of all the surrounding valleys of the Chianti Toscano area and the famous historical city of San Gimignano. The Estate covers a vast area comprising many hectares of land, with several crop destinations such as vineyards and olive trees and other buildings, partly destined for stately residential dwellings and the production of wine and oil.

The Villa spans three floors above ground, with unique separation of spaces having independent characteristics and destinations. Among its most notable features is the cellar, renovated with modern elements and featuring several rooms intended for the production of wine and its bottling. This unique space creates an incredible entertaining area for parties and private dinners, in an almost poetic ambiance entirely excavated in the tuff, with illuminated niches and glass games. "The majesty of the property can be found in the structure of a bucolic village, a real miniature city, where you can host friends and taste the wines produced especially for their pleasure and create truly majestic private events," says Tognetti. "From the 'Poderino' formed by two completely independent buildings and divided into different real estate units partly intended for housing, to the 'Cottaccio,' once destined for the farmer's house, divided into four real estate units with a large swimming pool, each location on the property enjoys its own sense of privacy and serenity surrounded by olive trees." Then there is the "Podere La Torre," located north of the Villa characterized by rural buildings with the presence of building materials typical of the Tuscan countryside, and more living space at the "Podere la Piazza." Among the property's greatest jewels are its wooded land where truffles can be found. The estate produces Chianti DOCG with vines Sangiovese and Canaiolo, Chianti Superiore DOCG with Sangiovese vines, Monterolo with vines 80% Sangiovese and 20% Colorino, the Cypressaia with vines "80% Sangiovese, 10% Canaiolo and 10% Malvasia and Trebbiano", also the Harmin with Sangiovese vine. The production also includes vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. View the complete listing by Alessandro Tognetti of Coldwell Banker Forte dei Marmi.


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