Inman News Names Three Global Luxury Property Specialists as Top Video Influencers

In the age of virtual home buying and social media, video is still king. You don't have to tell that to Tim Smith of the Tim Smith Group, Christophe Choo and Jessica Edwards. All three Coldwell Banker Global Luxury Property Specialists were recently named to Inman News' recent list of the real estate industry's top 10 video influencers. "We’re giving a nod to some of the industry’s best video creatives — those who know how to use the medium to make an impact and steer online conversation, all while staying true to their unique brands," wrote Megan Eskey, the story's author and the founder/CEO of Reloquence, a real estate digital marketing company. Eskey looked at a multitude of factors, such as creativity, expertise, reach, consistency and impact, in her assessment of the 10 video creators topping her list. Whether they create instructional videos or home tours, the real estate pros she chose have mastered the art of telling stories through a digital lens. "They’ve all used video to such great effect that they are now considered among the top influencers in the real estate industry," she noted. Here's a closer look at how the three Global Luxury Property Specialists named to the list are using the medium to maximum effect.

The Tim Smith Group (No. 1)

The Tim Smith Group in Newport Beach, Calif. nabbed the top position on the Inman list for a variety of reasons. "Founder Tim Smith has a flair for Hollywood-style, highly produced listing videos," wrote Eskey. "The Tim Smith Group’s productions always push the envelope, featuring scenes that look as though they’ve been plucked from big-budget films with pirates, speakeasies, and zombies. But it’s the details the team members include that earned them the No. 1 spot on this list. These tours not only describe what makes a house special, but they also introduce the builder, designer and architect." She points to one video in particular that really showcases the group's mastery of video: “Teach Me How to Duffy."

Christophe Choo (No. 2)

No list of video influencers would be complete without Christophe Choo.  A Global Luxury Ambassador, Choo "has been at the forefront of video marketing since as early as 2006 — long before the word 'influencer' gained its current meaning," said Eskey. "He cut his teeth in the field by showcasing his one-of-a-kind listings through clever video tactics, and quickly found an engaged audience." Choo offers viewers a look inside the flashy Beverly Hills lifestyle with virtual showings and "behind the scenes tours of local neighborhoods and businesses, educational tips for agents and glimpses into his daily world," she added. He is often recognized for his efforts, both within and beyond the Coldwell Banker network. Case in point: BombBomb recognized Choo as the No. 1 real estate video influencer in 2018.

Jessica Edwards (No. 9)

Wilmington, North Carolina-based Jessica Edwards — also a Global Luxury Ambassador — has earned national recognition for her video efforts. She's been hailed as a “breakout star” of Coldwell Banker’s YouTube channel and continues to stand out with "her smart use of technology and marketing tactics," concluded Eskey. Her videos have an air of Southern charm and authenticity, with team members talking honestly about Covid-19's impact on the local home market and offering easy home updates to Edwards confessing that the hardest part of her job is telling people the truth sometimes.


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