How We Sell: Jade Mills and Dawn McKenna

Name: Jade Mills and Dawn McKenna Location: Beverly Hills and Hinsdale, Ill. Years in Real Estate: 30+ years and 17 years Trick of the Trade: Luxury Presence Best Use: Websites

"This partnership represents the brand’s continued investment in the agent," explains Craig Hogan, Vice President of Luxury for Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. "We're always looking for new and creative ways to give agents access to best-in-class digital tools. If we can make their lives easier by streamlining the process of creating an online presence that reflects the high-end experience that is associated with the Coldwell Banker Global Luxury program, then we make it happen. It's that simple." The partnership is already live, with order forms made officially available on December 9. To mark the launch, we connected with two Global Luxury Property Specialists and Global Luxury Ambassadors who have been early adopters of Luxury Presence — Jade Mills of Coldwell Banker Realty in Beverly Hills and Dawn McKenna of Coldwell Banker Realty in Hinsdale, Ill., Chicago and Naples, Fla. — for a twist on our "How I Sell" series. How it works [a name="Jade Mills"]The Coldwell Banker-Luxury Presence partnership gives agents ultimate control over how their websites look and function. Agents have a few different paths for taking advantage of the benefits. Right now, the brand is recommending agents go to Desk for more information. Those who use Design Concierge or Listing Concierge may also enjoy additional benefits of the partnership.

Dawn McKennaIt’s a one-stop-shop for web design, but not a one-size-fits-all approach. After all, not all agents want the same tools or work the same!

Tell us about how you've used Luxury Presence[a name="Jade Mills"]I use Luxury Presence daily and I have been using it for over 4 years. It is elegant and inviting.

Dawn McKennaThe Dawn McKenna Group's first website was a Luxury Presence site that went live in 2016 .  I wanted to make a splash and come out of the gates with my new group with a best in class site.  The Luxury Presence team did exactly what I needed, and we have profitably and happily grown with each other ever since.

How do you feel it has helped your business?[a name="Jade Mills"]People tend to stay on my website for a long time because it is beautiful and easy to use.  My website is a huge part of my business and has brought me at least eight major clients and attracted 25 to 30 % of my business. Why do you feel Luxury Presence gives you a competitive advantage?[a name="Dawn McKenna"]When we decided to get our own site, we didn't have to choose between, on the one hand, saving money and time and starting with a simple site or, on the other, spending a lot of time and money to have a more complete site.  We got the best site available with little upfront expenditure of time or money.  We came out of the gate with a site that won awards and is widely recognized as one of the best out there even though we were complete newbies to the website business.  That allowed us to focus on what we know — our clients and our business — rather than what we don't know, i.e. website development.

Jade MillsHaving an amazing website is a big part of any agent’s business. It gives clients the confidence to know their house will be shown in the best light possible and that you, as an agent, are using the most sophisticated and up to date technology.

Success story[a name="Jade Mills"]My best example of Luxury Presence success is a $50 million dollar sale.  A man went on my website at 11:30 at night and loved it. The first thing he said was “You have the best website I have seen,” and from there, I sold him his dream house in Malibu! To find out more about the Luxury Presence opportunities available, visit Desk    


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