How I Sell: Jessica Edwards

Name: Jessica Edwards Location: Wilmington, North Carolina Years in Real Estate: 15 years Trick of the Trade: 360° Approach Best Use: Marketing listings How it works: The 360° Approach is a marketing concept that utilizes multiple channels of marketing and consistent messaging to reach a targeted affluent audience. I like to say, “It’s like having all the pieces of the pie.” You have to use every piece to fully maximize a luxury listing’s exposure. You have to be both old school and new school. You have to do the things that agents have been doing for the last 20 years — like print advertising and direct mail — and pair them with new tools like social media. Without all these key marketing pieces working together, you will be less successful as a luxury real estate agent. We explain to our clients that we need to have every piece of the marketing pie working together so they get maximum advantage. For example, you might be an ace at Facebook advertising, but if you’re not using direct mail or phone calls to agents, then your marketing efforts are going to fall short. Your listing might be priced well, but if no one is seeing it, then the price doesn’t really matter. It is necessary to have all of the pieces together. Tell us how you’ve used the 360° Approach: Our team at Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Advantage currently uses the 360° Approach by incorporating multiple marketing elements into our marketing plans. Our overall vision as a team is to create “a modern marketing campaign for the exposure, attention and interaction your home needs and deserves.” We create individual marketing campaigns for each home that we advertise. The campaign includes a mix of phone calls, direct-mail postcards, social media and video.   What’s your favorite thing about the 360° Approach? I like that it gives my team flexibility. We learn what works and what doesn’t and then modify. We are intentional and strategic. Why do you feel the 360° Approach gives you a competitive advantage? With the 360° Approach, we are not reinventing the wheel. We are using tried-and-true marketing techniques that have proved successful for agents for decades but are paired with newer and more modern ways of marketing. We are able to maximize our listings’ exposure and make sure the properties are seen by buyers everywhere. Success story: We had a global luxury listing of over a million dollars that was expired with another agent. We relisted it, taking full advantage and applying this approach. We met the buyers and the buyer’s agent for the showing. They told me that they had previously ruled this home out when it was on the market the first time. Originally, they had wanted privacy and a pool, and they did not want their home to be located on a golf course like this home was. That was why they didn’t view the property the first time it was listed. However, we listed the property with video and more photography. The video illustrated that when you stand poolside, there is complete privacy from the golf course. We sold the home quickly to this buyer. If they had not been able to see the video and actually get a sense of the backyard, they would not have even viewed it in person. We recently listed this same home again. These same buyers, and now sellers, remembered the power of video and sought us out for our marketing expertise. Words of advice: Fail fast. If you try it out and an element fails, then use it to your advantage and adjust your marketing plan. Anticipate the needs of the client when developing your marketing plan. Utilize the tools and systems that the Coldwell Banker® brand offers. Ask experienced agents in your company questions about what they do for their marketing. Know your market, and keep your brand consistent throughout your marketing and outreach. Consistency is key!    


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