How I Sell: Cassiano Sabatini

  Name: Cassiano Sabatini Location: Tuscany, Italy Years in Real Estate: 30 years Trick of the Trade: Homes & Estates Best Use: Marketing Listings How it worksA prestigious property deserves to have a showcase of equal value. The Coldwell Banker Global Luxury® marketing program is able to offer broad but targeted visibility to luxury properties around the world both digitally and in print. If it is true that we live in a digital age, then it is equally true that in the world of luxury, print media has never gone out of fashion. As the official magazine of the Coldwell Banker Global Luxury program, Homes & Estates is made with high-quality material and distributed four times a year with two main editions and two supplements in partnership with The Wall Street Journal. The magazine is printed in 60,000 copies and distributed to UHNW customers worldwide, at selected newsstands, in the business lounges of more than 30 airlines and in the 3,100 Coldwell Banker offices. Tell us about how you've used Homes & EstatesOur magazine is the flagship of the brand. It is a dynamic tool, advantageous at both in the listing acquisition phase and the sale phase. All of my trusted clients are thrilled about the exposure. They often ask to advertise their properties on those rich glossy pages. When I send the magazine inside the Black Box, along with the other Global Luxury marketing materials, potential clients immediately understand the value and potential of our brand. I never go on an acquisition or sales appointment without a copy of Homes & Estates! Our magazine is also available in digital version. I send each new issue to my mailing list made up of a few thousand selected customers. What’s your favorite thing about Homes & Estates?In my opinion, the strength of our magazine is the wealth of the content, which encompasses the entire world of the luxury lifestyle. It doesn't stop at the real estate market. Exclusive, original and compelling stories are told, and never seem banal or obvious. Another huge strength is the targeted and selective distribution: the leads generated by Homes & Estates are of high quality. Why do you feel Homes & Estates gives you a competitive advantage?I think the competitive advantage of Homes & Estates lies in the magazine's positioning and distribution. Another strong point is differentiation: there are no other magazines like it in the real estate world. I can say it with certainty! It is a real luxury magazine that tells the details and the most interesting aspects of the affluent lifestyle with a complete 360 ° point of view, managing to attract the attention of the world's most exclusive clientele. Success storyColdwell Banker Global Luxury's marketing tools are the most unique in the world. The elegant Black Box, the 360 ​​° approach, the wide online visibility for advertisements, social networks, the website and the blog. For each of them, I would have a success story to tell, but I chose the magazine because it was the first tool that really paid off for me! Recently, I received an email from a person who had browsed through a Homes & Estates issue in the New York airport lounge. At the time, he wanted to sell a villa he owned worth several million euros. I managed to make that sale successfully and since then, that owner has become a trusted customer of mine with whom I have worked on many other occasions. I believe so much in the strength of Homes & Estates that I decided to create a national version here in Italy. We launched it two months ago and it has been a great success. Our agents are enthusiastic about it and their customers have left particularly positive feedback. Words of adviceImproving yourself every day: this is the key to success. To become an agent specializing in the sale of prestigious properties, you need to have specific requirements, an aptitude for the profession that borders on perfection, a business model and tools that are completely different from those of the residential market. Never be caught unprepared in front of a wealthy client. A specialist must have in-depth knowledge of the market in which he operates. Working in the luxury real estate market is not easy and certainly not for everyone, but raising the bar in the quality of your tools and professionalism can be a great starting point.    


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