Appreciate the Difference

Succeeding in luxury means appreciating distinctions. Learning to spot these distinctions — like the difference between good and excellent — is the foundation of the Coldwell Banker Global Luxury® program. Ask any of the over 900 attendees of the Global Luxury Certification course, which just wrapped up this week. It was one of our most successful courses yet, bringing our total to nearly 1,800 certified agents to date this year. The fully immersive course always packs a punch, with agents emerging newly energized and educated on all the ins and outs of selling luxury real estate. The tremendous success of the program arrives at a time when the luxury real estate market is booming. Properties sold by Global Luxury Property Specialists are already up 130% year-over-year in 2021. Those newly minted Global Luxury Specialists are entering the world of fine real estate with a major edge. They have the professional training, the network connections and the backing of a true heritage brand — a leader with one of the longest records of selling homes in the luxury real estate sector. In fact, we can say with great pride that those agents who complete the course sell properties with a 36% higher average sales price. We often say that extraordinary properties require extraordinary representation. Luxury is about the extraordinary. What makes the Coldwell Banker® name extraordinary? The quality of our affiliated agents, the depth and uniqueness of our marketing resources and our history of innovation. No brand can consistently stay at the top without innovation, and we’ve been doing it for 115 years. When tradition works, we leverage it. When modern technology is needed, we integrate it. Our core values — what we believe in and what we stand for — are the constants. Home, awesomeness, ingenuity, excellence. That last one holds particular importance for luxury. Excellence doesn’t just happen. It’s honed and crafted over time. It’s cultivated among peers and perfected by masters. In short, it’s what happens when you have the industry’s most impressive luxury specialist certification process. In today’s hyper-competitive luxury real estate market, this crucial difference may be all that distinguishes one agent from another and one real estate brand from another. I invite all of you to experience the difference. David Marine is Chief Marketing Officer for Coldwell Banker. He has over 20 years of experience in the digital, content and social marketing space. When he’s not obsessing over telling the story of the brand, he’s focused on training four young padawans at night and raising four boys with his wife, Wonder Woman.


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