Always Keep (Luxury) Moving

April has been a busy month for the Coldwell Banker Global Luxury® world. Between my cross-country travels, planning a new networking social for June and launching Homes & Estates, it’s been a month of movement. What I’m most excited to share with you is the redesign of Homes & Estates magazine. The summer issue will officially begin shipping May 3, which means you’re finally going to be able to see it in the flesh! The magazine has been refreshed to have a more editorial look and feel – in line with today’s fashion and lifestyle magazines. Graphic typefaces. A greater emphasis on white space as a design element. More impactful photography. The idea behind the redesign is to revitalize our already fabulous original content, while elevating the reader's experience. We want to give our audience a taste – through engaging stories on fine art, design, travel, food and homes – of what it’s like to live the Global Luxury lifestyle. To match our magazine’s physical makeover, the distribution will be expanding as well – a major plus for our advertisers! Each quarterly issue will be delivered to subscribers of The Wall Street Journal and Unique Homes magazine, targeting affluent buyers across the globe. Our new distribution strategy also includes direct-mailed copies to high-net-worth individuals and demi-billionaires. Elevate, then elevate again – that’s what we do at Coldwell Banker. There’s not a day that goes by when our team is not thinking about how to evolve and take the Coldwell Banker Global Luxury program to the next level. There is much more to come in the next few months for Global Luxury…stay tuned!  


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