6 Tastemakers Share What They Love Most About Home

As 2016 comes to an official close, those of us at Previews® Inside Out are thinking deeply about what we love most about home. Is it a big open space filled with all of our favorite loved ones? Is it mixing our beloved pieces, both old and new together, in one room?  Or fresh flowers, warm candlelight and beautifully dressed dinner tables? We asked some of our favorite tastemakers we've featured this year (and a few we're eyeing for next year) to share what they most love about their personal spaces.

Benoist F. Drut, Managing Director, Maison Gerard

small_benoist-f-drut_02_robert-levin"I like to be in the middle of nature in a big open space. Being in the Northeast, I designed a house with as many openings to the outdoors as possible so one can enjoy winter from the comfort of a warm open space. What really pleases me is that in a large open loft-like room, my eyes can travel and not feel any limits."


Katie Kime, Designer and Lifestyle Maven

"I love the eclectic mix that I've come to be known for. I'm not afraid to mix old with new, expensive with DIY or modern with traditional. When I look at my house, I see it all come together and it feels like me. From a John Singer Sargent painting in our dining room to a neon sign in the breakfast nook, I love that things are often unexpected but somehow go together."

Mark Zeff, Interior Designer

"BLACKBARN, my home in East Hampton, is a necessity for me as it's a retreat to a part of the Hamptons that makes you feel truly far away. One of the best parts of the house is the indoor and outdoor dining areas off the garden side that allows my family and me to enjoy entertaining in warm weather and have our meals outdoors. It's a magical place in the summer as we're able to watch the sunsets while dining. And in the winter, our house is a short walk to the deserted bay. When the bay freezes over, I walk on top of it for about 1,000 yards."


Phillip Thomas, Interior Designer

“I feel strongly that a home should be a reflection of the person living in it. I designed my home to show my passion for contemporary art, my love of furniture design, and, above all, my love of family, friends and of entertaining.”





Michael Bruno, 1stdibs Founder and HousePad App Creator


"The saying 'there is no place like home' couldn’t be more spot on for me than in my current residence in Tuxedo Park. I have moved so many times but finally found the one I am keeping. It's the place where my dogs are happy; we have over a hundred acres, and they can run wild. We wake up to the sunrise over the lake and see the stars at night - not sure how it can get any better."


Sandra Nunnerley, AD100 Designer



"There's nothing quite like a home truly coming to life when friends and family are gathered together enjoying themselves, surrounded with fresh flowers, wonderful music and beautiful candlelight. Those are the elements that I love most about home."


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