Upfront with Randy Solakian


Forget typical real estate conventions and fancy stories of success. Randy Solakian is not that guy. Part world traveler, part surfer and part real estate veteran, Solakian is what the Los Angeles Times once called a “secret agent”—one that flies under the radar, eschewing definitions and vacillating between a low profile and a world of boundless luxury enjoyed by his clients. One would hardly know it by talking to him, but he is one of the Santa Barbara region’s most illustrious real estate leaders who has assembled a sales history that spans over three decades and includes several legendary estates. "I don't talk about myself and how great I am,” he told the Times in 1999, preferring instead to let his exceptional listings in Montecito, Santa Barbara and Hope Ranch do the talking. Not much has changed in 13 years. This time, however, the top Previews specialist and man of few words could not totally escape the questions posed by Previews Inside Out.  We made it a point to ask him about everything from his real estate advice to his personal definition of luxury. We got some answers, but Solakian still managed to keep us guessing in the end. My idea of perfect happiness is: Family and friends. If I wasn't a real estate agent, I'd be: A writer, artist, photographer and musician. Person I most admire: My wife, Roxanna. Greatest extravagance: Travel. Greatest necessity: Health. If I could buy any 3 Previews homes in the world, they would be in: Aspen, Hawaii and Italy. Greatest achievement: My marriage, and my children, Nicholas and Deanna. Luxury is: Health, good food and good wine…and a Challenger 300. Room I spend the most time in: I’m still at the office. I feel most inspired when: I see people excel in their craft, sport, business or other endeavors—especially in the face of great challenge and adversity. Most memorable listing: A 42-acre celebrity estate in Montecito, which sold in 2001. Best advice for buying and selling in Montecito and Santa Barbara:   Find a good agent and listen to their advice. When I'm not selling real estate, I am: Reading, playing tennis, hiking in the mountains behind my home in Montecito, skiing in Aspen, surfing at Rincon, biking all over the Montecito/Santa Barbara area, eating at Tydes at the Coral Club Casino, exploring new cities and… eating some more! People would be most surprised to find out:  I married so well.

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Randy Solakian has more than 30 years of experience representing the finest homes, estates and ranches in Montecito, California, and the surrounding coastal communities of Santa Barbara and Hope Ranch. Consistently ranking among the top-producing sales leaders since 1980, he reached the pinnacle in 2001 when he was named the no. 1 real estate agent in the Coldwell Banker Previews International® network in 2001. For more information about Randy Solakian, Click Here.


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