Lasting Balance: Inside Wellness with Miraval Resort & Spas

Start with an intention, take a tailored journey, and find your success among many others at one of three Miraval Resort & Spas locations. Each unique property offers an atmosphere of tranquility, where guests are encouraged to explore the various dimensions of wellness through a wide variety of programs, experiences, and spa services. Lasting balance is at the forefront of each destination. “Miraval mode starts with being fully present and engaged in the moment,” says Dina Fenili, director of sales, marketing, and brand for Miraval Resort & Spas. “Each resort is a digital-free environment to support guests in having the most rewarding and inspiring experience.”

Miraval Austin Resort & Spa

The initial inspiration behind the resort was about guests being able to reset, but also learning how to live and feel better. “Miraval was created with the mission to inspire individuals to create a life in balance,” says Fenili. “Our ongoing purpose is to bring imagination, authenticity, and meaning to wellness.” Miraval’s innovative approach includes mind, body, and spirit, including spa treatments, food for the soul, and wellness specialists that create an enduring sense of renewal for guests even after they leave. Each journey is also personalized with a carefully curated itinerary. “We believe in the power of the individual and it is our intention to understand and connect with each guest, so they are able to make the most of their experience,” explains Fenili. 

Three Unique Locations

“While each property and its respective programming is rooted in the brand’s principles, each location was strategically selected to offer a unique and dynamic guest experience,” says Fenili. Miraval Arizona, the flagship destination, is set on 400 acres in the Sonoran Desert. Here, the sun seems to shine all year and the two terrains, towering, mysterious mountains, and the warm flowering desert surrounds guests with a physical manifestation of balance and serenity. “The location offers incredible opportunities for sunrise hikes along with ritual experiences at the property’s kiva,” says Fenili. 

Miraval Austin resides on a 220-acre haven that looks over Lake Travis and the Balcones Canyonlands Preserve, a national wildlife refuge. The proximity to Lake Travis allows guests the opportunity to try kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding, and other outdoor activities as part of their wellness experience. Fenili says, “Miraval Austin infuses Austin’s unique culture and character into imaginative experiences being just 30 minutes outside of the city.”

Miraval Austin Resort & Spa

In Massachusetts, Miraval Berkshires is on 380 protected acres in the Berkshires countryside with stunning natural landscapes of pine trees, rolling hills, and picturesque fall foliage. “Guests can celebrate all of New England’s seasons while giving the time and space to create lasting and memorable change in the tranquil and contemplative beauty of the Berkshires,” adds Fenili.  “Guests also have the option to work on their golf game or try exciting winter activities like cross-country skiing.”

Miraval Berkshires Resort & Spa

A Tailored Journey

“Choice is a guiding principle at Miraval, and with a wide range of programs and experiences we are able to create a unique experience for each visitor,” says Fenili. The personalization of each journey is what sets Miraval Resort & Spas apart from others with journeys that range from overall wellbeing and culinary/nutrition to grief and loss and reconnection getaways. “Our Journeys with Intention help guests by creating curated and personalized experiences based on their personal wellness goals, whether that’s mental wellbeing or reconnection, or even just a spa getaway,” says Fenili.

Leadership Fulfillment Journey

A popular journey among guests has been the leadership fulfillment journey, which was designed to help individuals work through their mental and creative blocks. According to Fenili, the journey teaches individuals empathy and creativity, as well as inspiration for team bonding and ways of elevating their team's wellbeing. As part of this journey, “Miraval Austin will be debuting a new challenge course this spring featuring a three-tiered system where guests learn how to handle failure and approach self-criticism,” says Fenili.

In the wake of a years-long pandemic, people are trying to regain a touch of balance after many months of uncertainty and constant shifts. In response, de-stressing must be integrated into our daily lives rather than something we tune into briefly when we can schedule a vacation. “The pandemic has introduced a new way of living to many people,” says Fenili. “Miraval helps guide individuals back into the direction of their clear intentions.”

This article originally appeared in Homes & Estates magazine.  Written by Marlene Ridgway  


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