It’s All About the Experience 

Atlanta is a city that splashed onto the scene as a global destination for luxury in the last few years. As Coldwell Banker Global Luxury Property Specialist Debra Johnston once shared on our blog: "Atlanta has been dubbed the Hollywood of the South.” Luxury fashion brands are popping up in upscale shopping districts in and around Buckhead, while affluent individuals from coastal cities like New York and L.A. are cashing out and building their dream mansions for half the cost. Each time I’ve visited Atlanta, I've been positively disarmed by a city that's dripping with elan, creative energy, and yes, sophisticated Southern hospitality. The city is the perfect setting to host our upcoming Global Luxury Summit in October, which is now sold out! (You may still have a chance to attend. Once you register for Gen Blue, you'll be able to link to the Summit and register on the waitlist.) The invite-only, one-day event is your one-and-only chance to engage in person with hundreds of Luxury Property Specialists across the globe this year. Not to mention, you’ll have access to curated content available nowhere else – all designed to keep you at the forefront of luxury. The relationships forged at an event like the Global Luxury Summit are human, emotional, and educational. The information shared, both on and off the stage and in private peer-to-peer interactions, has the power to alter perceptions, stir emotions, and move businesses in directions you never thought possible. That’s what today’s luxury is about, isn’t it? The experience. If we can give our Global Luxury Summit an original, creative, and unforgettable experience, we believe that the same extension of experience naturally flows outward to their clients. The most successful Luxury Property Specialists understand that the way to create emotion is through human touch and connection – i.e. delivering high-quality experiences to their clients every day. Can’t wait to see you all in Atlanta!  


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