Inside Joyce Rey’s School of Luxury Real Estate: Words of Wisdom

Beverly Hills  - Photo by Nick Sarvari for Unsplash

Top real estate agents learn from the best. Working alongside the "First Lady of Luxury Real Estate" offers them a masterclass in success. In this exclusive look, we hear from the Beverly Hills real estate pros on the Joyce Rey Team as they share their most valuable career takeaways – the "Joyce-isms" – gleaned directly from the 50-year real estate legend herself.

Nanette Iggulden

Experience: 21 years

Most impactful career advice: “Act quickly, and act now.”

Christopher Damon

Experience: 15 years

Most valuable strategy: “Never rest until the deal is closed… And once the deal is closed, no time for resting, onto the next one.” 

Hilary Stevens

Experience: 24 years

Advice that led to a career breakthrough: “Always have the client feel heard and that you are on their side.” 

Andrianna Chakava

Experience: 3 years

Advice that led to a career breakthrough: “During the Alma Real deal, a $20 million listing, there were moments when canceling seemed like the only option. But Joyce, ever the optimist, maintained a positive outlook. That's when I received one of my most valuable pieces of guidance from her: ‘Always do what is right.’”

Katia Miramontes

Experience: 8 years

Favorite Joyce-ism: “I have never met a seller who said we were asking too much for their property.” 


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