How I Sell: Joyce Rey

Name: Joyce Rey Location: Beverly Hills  Years in Real Estate: 40+ years Trick of the Trade: Home of the Week (HOTW) Best Use: Social Media Promotions

How do you feel it has helped your business? It has been a great tool over the years that has really promoted my team’s exclusive listings across all social and web platforms, and especially within our Coldwell Banker network. This year, I’ve been fortunate enough to have had two listings featured as HOTW, a magnificent Bel Air compound listed for $46 million and is currently being leased short-term, and a legendary Holmby Hills Retreat, which was listed for just under $20 million and has since sold. Our fellow Coldwell Banker-affiliated agents are always chatting about the homes on HOTW. It has a cachet in our network, and having my name be attached to such a widely popular series is a major bonus. How are you getting the most out of the platform? I always make sure to share it with my peers, whether it’s on my team’s branded social networks or in our agent-to-agent communications. It’s also important to make sure my clients see the coverage of their property in our marketing reports. Additionally, we plug it as a marketing feature in our listing presentations. What’s your favorite thing about Home of the Week? My favorite thing about Home of the Week is that it is published nationwide! What’s the main competitive advantage in your marketplace? On average, the Home of the Week promotion sees about 32,000 ad impressions, 200 extra link clicks to the listing page on and seven lead submissions. When you need to magnify the online reach of a special listing, it can be a helpful tool. Sometimes it’s not even about capturing the attention directly of a potential luxury buyer. Since my clients are typically very busy and have many people and business competing for their time and attention, they may spend less time on social networks. But that doesn’t mean their associates, business managers, attorneys or others within their circle aren’t looking at social content. Grab their attention with an eye-catching video, and you could very well turn them into a lead! Words of advice: Always promote your brand and your listings as much as possible via social and web platforms! Digital is king and more often than not, you can get a lot of great ads and promotions online for free or for a fair spend. As the years go on, print gets less and less relevant and digital takes over.


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