How I Sell: Carrie Wells

  Name: Carrie Wells Location: Aspen Years in Real Estate: 28 years Trick of the Trade: WealthEngine Best Use: Targeted high-net-worth marketing How it works WealthEngine is an online research tool that helps agents find high-net-worth buyers. It can give you detailed insights into a potential buyer’s propensity, capacity and intent to purchase a certain property. There are over 250 million pre-scored profiles, 120 million households and a trillion data points in the platform, all designed to help us get more targeted with our marketing. Tell us about how you've used WealthEngineI use it if I have a specific property that I feel I could benefit from. For example, I recently listed Aspen Valley Ranch, a 1.3-mile ranch compound for $220 million. There are probably only a limited number of people in the world who might be buyer candidates for this property. The buyer might be someone who is a polo player or has a family member who is an equestrian, or enjoys hiking or being outdoors, yet they are also a billionaire. They most likely already own three or four homes. You can plug all of that criteria into the search tool, and it will allow you to target those who might have the wealth and would be interested in this type of property. You can search for buyers who might be members of a polo club, for example. Using the search results, I would send them a property brochure with a cover letter. What’s your favorite thing about the platform?There are really unique ways to customize a search. You can even find people who have connections to one another. For example, Michael Bloomberg bought a 4,600-acre Colorado ranch about two hours away from Aspen, so you could search for “friends of Bloomberg” in this overlay, or individuals who have connections to him. Why do you feel WealthEngine gives you a competitive advantage?It helps me work in a smarter and more efficient way, so I can get back out into the field and focus on selling more. This is especially important for agents right now, as we’re all looking for ways to work smarter and more strategically for our clients in this current environment. Words of adviceSign up for the next WealthEngine training! You can register here. You’ll really come away with the knowledge you need to put this powerful search platform into practice!


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