Finding a New Groove  

The year 2022 seems to be starting off the way 2021 did – with flashes of uncertainty and a new variant coloring the start of a new beginning. Not that I want to burst the bubble of unprecedented success that 2021 brought upon the real estate world. Last year was amazing and historic for so many of our Coldwell Banker Global Luxury® Property Specialists. Learning to live with this virus and its follow-up waves will be our greatest challenge. But as the luxury real estate industry has proven, it is not just resilient but responsive to the long-term reconciliations and relocations affluent clients are making in their lives. The year 2022 has invited us to settle in, search for new opportunities and find a new groove amidst all this movement. For that reason, I think we have so much to look forward in the year ahead. In just a few weeks, we will be debuting the winter 2022 issue of Homes & Estates, which is inserted in The Wall Street Journal and seen by tens of thousands of high-net-worth individuals. There are also some exciting changes to the look, feel and distribution of the magazine coming soon, which I can’t wait to reveal to all of you. Later in February, we will release our annual look at the market, “The Report.” We’ve taken a fresh and forward-looking approach this year, so I think you’ll find that the data and insights are even more valuable (and shareable). I want to strongly encourage Coldwell Banker Global Luxury Property Specialists to take advantage of our new and improved customization option this year and leverage this powerful information resource. In the past, Luxury Property Specialists have only had the option of a personally branded front cover for The Report. This year, we’ve leveled up. Now you can customize The Report with a branded cover and the inside page with your bio, credentials, contact information and social links. There’s an option for a digital file with links or a printable version with Xpressdocs. Or you may want to follow in the footsteps of top Luxury Property Specialists like Dawn McKenna and Tim Allen who have opted for a fully customized version with their own market area recaps and insights! If there was ever a moment to demonstrate your expertise in all aspects of luxury and reinforce your value to clients, it is right now. With all of the migrations happening, it is imperative to position yourself as a true ambassador of luxury — both inside and outside your marketplace. More to come. Welcome to 2022.    


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