Big Sur Architectural Wonder by Mickey Muennig

Frank Lloyd Wright once said, "Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you." The private and iconic residence of world-renowned architect Mickey Muennig offers such a study.

Envisioned as a built environment in complete harmony with its surroundings, this rare, incredible property is perched up high on Partington Ridge in Big Sur, California. The property pays homage to its 30 acres of expansive forest, sky, ocean and sweeping coastal views. The main residence is a passive solar house built into the side of the mountain and has a sod roof.  There are two other homes on the property, also designed by Mickey Muennig, one built in collaboration with his daughter. Known as the Caretaker's House, it has a separate, open-air bathhouse, and its own driveway on the east side of the property. Ocean views can be enjoyed from every level of the house. Just down below, the small round house — the first of the structures Michey designed and built for himself — has been dramatically chiseled into the mountain and overlooks the sea. Small and cozy in square footage, the space manages to feel expansive with its vast view. "This spectacular setting was befitting a man who listened, observed, dreamed and then would draw, then listen more, and draw more," says listing agent Ben Heinrich. He calls it "drawing the music" — the neverending dance between architecture, nature and inspiration. View the complete listing by Ben Heinrich of Coldwell Banker Realty in Carmel.


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