A Future Waiting to Be Shaped

As February gets underway and we march full swing into 2024, I’ve got the future of luxury on my mind.  

No other resource in the Coldwell Banker Global Luxury® marketing arsenal speaks to the future of luxury quite like The Trend Report. Freshly launched just a few weeks ago, this industry-leading, forward-looking report covers the latest and greatest luxury real estate trends driving the market. It has sparked some incredible conversations already and made headlines like Inman’s “Luxury Real Estate Is Shifting Out of Neutral.” We're always thrilled to see The Trend Report garner the media coverage that it does (thanks to our talented public relations team), but we’re even more excited about the opportunities it generates for Coldwell Banker Global Luxury Property Specialists. Many of you have already taken advantage of the complimentary customization option available through Marketing Center so you can share it with your clients. Several of you have even taken it a step further and sought full market customizations with our data partner. As always, collaboration fuels our collective success, and your engagement with the report is invaluable. Consider it an investment in your future as a Luxury Property Specialist!

We’re constantly seeking ways to empower our Luxury Property Specialists with the knowledge and resources they need to thrive. With that in mind, we're excited to kick off a new quarterly virtual series called “This Quarter at Luxury” on February 27. Think of it as the educational companion to The Trend Report. You'll gain current insights into trends, marketing strategies, and emerging patterns impacting the luxury market. Additionally, top Global Luxury Property Specialists Jade Mills, Carrie Wells, and Danny Hertzberg will share their perspectives on the year ahead. Make sure to mark your calendars!

Lastly, I want to call your attention to several stories on our blog this month that capture the future of luxury beautifully. The first is a Q&A session with the Sklar Team in South Florida as they pinpoint a trend many of you are likely seeing in your local markets: a growing desire among buyers for “have-it-all” properties — perfect locations, amenity-filled homes, fully customized homes, large format living. Tying into our groundbreaking "Best of the Best" guide launched at the end of last year, we also curated some truly stunning statement kitchens that highlight what’s new and now for today’s finest homes.

While we were inspired by the “future of luxury” this month, we are not trying to fit the idea of luxury into a box. Rather, we are trying to elevate luxury as it’s seen through our client’s eyes. It's about appreciating their vision and imagination for how they want to live, and celebrating the expertise of our Luxury Property Specialists – those who dare to look beyond the present and glimpse a future waiting to be shaped.


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