A $86 Million Superyacht Concept that Can ‘Fly’ Across the Water

Defying the universal laws of transportation, where cars drive, planes fly and boats sail, Lazzarini Design Studio has just unveiled a new flying superyacht concept that will alter everything we thought we knew about water travel. The concept vessel, named Plectrum, has been designed with hydrofoil technology, or what could be considered an underwater fin that allows the boat to lift off of the water's surface and "fly" at top speeds (about 75 knots or 86 mph). How does it accomplish this stunning feat, you may ask? Answer: three hydrogen-powered motors capable of 5,000 horsepower, each pushing the yacht up from underneath.

Photo Courtesy of Lazzarini Design Studio

Hydrofoil technology is not new. According to the Rome-based studio, the inspiration behind the Plectrum concept can be found in the foiling monohulls used in America’s Cup, one of the oldest international sailing yacht competitions. Said the designers in a statement: "We like to remember that in 1964, shipbuilding was already capable of similar vessel construction."

Photo Courtesy of Lazzarini Design Studio

The 246-foot, four-deck Plectrum will be equipped with plenty of splashy amenities fit to impress even the most experienced of yachtsman: a helipad, beach club, swimming pool, six guest cabins, and an owner’s suite and storage for water toys and cars.

Photo Courtesy of Lazzarini Design Studio

Despite the challenges of building a hydrofoil of this size, Lazzarini Design Studio remains confident that if a buyer is found for the concept, the Plectrum could be constructed within two years. And it wouldn’t come cheap: The designers have put the cost around $86 million.


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