Molly Jones

Sales Associate
Coldwell Banker Realty
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, 84106

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We are firm believers in providing comprehensive service that doesn't just start and end with the real estate transaction. A home is something you have for life - and your agent should be, too. That is the vision that Joey Sutorius Molly Jones share that brought them together to form the MOJO Group.
Joey's extensive background in construction and design offers an unmatched resource for maximizing the resale value of your home improvement projects. His experience has allowed him to compile a list of qualified professionals who can help you with projects of any size, ensuring your projects turn out exactly how you want. His eye for design and seeing potential in properties is priceless during the renovation and home buying process.

Molly comes armed with financial analysis and contract management experience. Her Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Real Estate provide an accurate perspective on home pricing and project improvement values. Before starting any project, Molly loves to dig into the financial upside of projects, and her custom home valuation worksheets help her clients avoid over-improvements.

After joining forces as partners, Joey Molly realized the needs of their clients stretched even farther beyond their capabilities as a two-person team. They have carefully curated a team of professionals with diverse backgrounds and experience to work hands-on with clients to ensure a fully customized experience that fits their needs all across the state.

Our team consists of:

  • Development Specialists

  • Interior Designers

  • Water Rights Experts

  • Agents who specialize in multiple counties (even rural ones!)

While all of our agents come with a variety of skillsets to arm you with the best team possible, ALL of our agents are on board with our vision and mindset and are PASSIONATE about what they do.

When you're ready to list or ready to create your dream home, the MOJO Group will provide resources and expertise that other solo agents and even large teams simply cannot, and curate the right group of team members to achieve your goals. We have the capability to expand to fit your needs as the years go by and your requirements evolve. As the #1 Team at Coldwell Banker in Utah, we are armed with the resources and experience to produce amazing results.

The plan to sell your home should be, too. There's no magic formula to get your house sold - an agent should have the market knowledge, marketing savvy, and an understanding of how to make your home appeal to the right buyer. Most agents look at what the neighbor's house sold for and price your home there, put a sign in the ground, list your home on the MLS and hope for the best. Some agents elevate that process by providing color brochures, professional photos, and hosted open houses. In a hot market, these minimal efforts might get your home sold, but before you put one of life's biggest investments in the hands of someone else, you should consider everything you might not be getting - including top dollar.

Our team takes an unconventional, all-in approach to the real estate process that ensures you home isn't just seen, but seen by the right buyer. From pre-listing to sale, we have an unmatched combination of expertise, services, and ideas that will make your home the feature of the neighborhood.

Together we have moxie, determination and a tailored approach to the strategy of every home sale. Our experience is a perfect blend to come up with the best plan for a successful sale - not to mention, we've broken countless sales records for neighborhoods all through the valley - so yes, this approach puts more money in your pocket!

Skills & Specialities

  • Global Luxury
  • Luxury Homes


  • English


Luxury Property Specialist

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